About Us

Who We Are ?

Welcome to Dr Tony Murr Clinics

We are a united group of physicians, physiotherapists, nutritionists, dentists and laboratories services. We are doing different jobs to reach the same target, which is to provide high quality and cost-effective health care to our patients in a Global Medical Group: Dr Tony Murr Clinics.

We are not a polyclinic group working besides each other in separate rooms but a united group working altogether; in other words, we communicate continuously and we discuss our patients health problems, worries and even social and psychological difficulties in a well confident space in order to provide to them the best continuous solutions for their problems.

We believe in that a health care provider’s job is to care for the health of her or his patients. This necessarily requires that the provider understand important details about the patient’s behaviors, and that the patient invests in the provider with a high degree of trust.

In order to gain trust, we aim to create an atmosphere of openness and affirmation with all patients. There are many different components to creating an environment welcoming to different kinds of patients, including outreach, office space, intake forms, confidentiality policies, staff training, and the patient interview. Small changes we make in these areas can have a big effect on the comfort felt by our patients, and this will translate into a more satisfying patient-provider relationship and better health outcomes.


Treating well a patient is:

  • To try to be available to him

  • To listen well to him

  • To create an atmosphere of trust with him

  • To understand his physical, social and psychological worries

  • To show him the unseen defect in his health

  • To take care of his whole body

  • To evaluate exactly the risks and benefits of your interventions

  • To put yourself for a while in his place

  • To transform him to a self care provider

  • To teach him a part of your medicine

  • To convince him to look continually after his health

  • To follow him when he forgets himself

  • To know how you let him come back to you